Pierce’s Pony

Anthony Purdy

I don’t mind Eleanor Mustangs. There, I said it. In spite of being more a Mopar kinda guy.

That was great info last month on building your own Eleanor Mustang project. But having said that, let me say this: I fear that Eleanor is approaching the same odious realm as ‘General Lee’ in fast becoming a worn-out, stagnant and culturally entrenched parody of its own cliché. Want me to say that again?

There are lots of other iconic film cars worthy of adulation. How about that insane tough-as-nails ’67-’68 Mustang GT500 KR convertible that Pierce Brosnan drove in the (1999) remake ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’? Like a Baja racer on steroids with off road tyres, roll bars and driving lights, that thing is just nuts!

Each to their own, of course, but you get my point. Rant over, carry on please.

Love the mag!

I guess most people who build film/ TV tribute vehicles crave instant recognition. A Herbie, a General Lee or a flux capacitor-equipped DeLorean don't require much in the way of explanation.

That said, we like your suggestion and Rene Russo would be welcome to judge it for authenticity.