Got my Drift?

Peter Andersen

Firstly I would like to say that with your July 2015 mag (issue #378) I have returned to the readership of Unique Cars after a few years absence.

I bought Unique Cars for many years commencing with your very first issue.

I enjoyed most of this July issue and certainly think that you have hit the spot with your type and mix of content.


I do however have one serious complaint! If your writers canít be objective about a car they should be writing their own blog from their bedroom Ė not writing in a serious national car magazine.

I refer to Cliff Chambers who denigrated the Chrysler Drifter. I have owned and self-maintained well over 100 cars over the years, everything from an Alfa Romeo 1900 Super through to a Wolseley 6/80. As a retired engineer, for a hobby, I now semi-restore modern cars and just repair others, (including European cars for those people unfortunate enough to have purchased one). Iíve not owned a Chrysler Drifter but have owned an earlier Valiant wagon from the same era and have upgraded a few other Valiants from that era, so I know a bit.

Chryslers are reliable and easy to maintain (unlike Porsche, Fiat, Maserati etc) and they handle pretty well for a normal driver. They will reliably cruise all day, every day, and give good MPG.

They are comfortable and strong and reach a very competent level of handling with a good set of shock absorbers, decent width tyres, plus rack and pinion steering.

I suggest Mr Chambers is either a Euro tragic, a Ford/Holden victim, or perhaps had a Drifter-loving girlfriend who dumped him. In any case his base prejudices suggest he may not be suited to his job. Please Unique Cars do not follow the Wheels and Motors of this world with their jaundiced, payolainduced views of the automotive world.

Ouch! We know Cliffy likes to be a bit tongue-in-cheek with some of his Gotaways. In that regard at least, his words are probably the opposite to the no-criticism 'payola' road tests some modern car titles ascribe to, and we'd certainly exclude both Wheels and Motor from that accusation. Perhaps we ought to sentence him to 6 months in a Drifter as his penance?