Ruthless Chap

Roy Whitby

I think itís about time Unique Cars did a full-blown Colin Chapman special edition. The man changed the motoring world in so many ways. An absolute pioneer and a genius whose achievements todayís young people need to be educated on. Maybe Uncle Phil can rally together Chapmanís top ten Ė Elan, Esprit Turbo, DeLorean, Twin Cam Escort, race cars like the Lotus 16, his CanAm Lotus 30, and Cosworthpowered Lotus 91. Ballís in your court.

You could possibly even try explaining to me why he owned an early Range Rover. By the way, what happened with that DeLorean saga anyway?

Chapman was undoubtedly a talented engineer and his vehicles are well worthy of showcasing. His utterly dismissive attitude to safety, even after the deaths of Jim Clark and Jochen Rindt, coupled with the fact that he'd have likely been sent to jail for his part in the DeLorean scandal had his death not intervened, undoutedly sullied his legacy. Separating Lotus and Chapman isn't easy but we'd rather focus on the cars than the man.