Motoring Years

This is your time to shine – send us a photo from your motoring past and we’ll make you a star!

Darren Steele

01-03 Alan Fanwick sent us these pics, the fi rst of which is Steve Howard’s panel van in brilliant white with an inspired window mural. A younger version of Alan stands on the left as an apprentice spray painter, with one of the little ladies from his street, Pania Ronagnai, and there’s Steve on the right hoping that the breeze doesn’t get up and set his fl ares to full infl ation.

Next we come to Bill Lloyd’s HQ ute with a Statesman front face. “I painted it in acrylic lacquer in the 1980s,” says Alan. A nice job you’ve done, Al.

His last photo is of Alan’s former brother-in-law and a 4.2-litre V8 LH SL/R Torana with automatic transmission and a cool set of foglamps, purchased from Muirs Motors in Ashfi eld, Sydney in the 1980s. 04-05 First of all just want to say how much I enjoy your magazine every month. I love putting aside time to read it front to back and I fi nd it very relaxing. Always happy to see the magazine hanging out of my letter box.

I grew up with my Dad restoring cars and he has worked in the car industry my whole life mainly with Ford. With the pictures shown it was the 7th July 1987 and Dad was a apart of the The Melton Independent Restorers Group, and we were the fi rst cars to drive on the Melton Bypass – Western Highway in Victoria.

Photo One shows all of my Dad’s mates cars lined up ready to open the road to the public. Photo Two shows a much younger me leaning against Dad’s 1954 Ford Anglia that he lovingly restored. I remember the gear stick was about one metre long and I heard my Dad say the “F” word for the fi rst time when he couldn’t get it into gear whilst merging in traffi c !!

Now days my Dad drives an MG Convertible, and I’m the proud owner of an XR8 and we just love our cars.

Thanks again for a top magazine.

S end your photos via email to uniquecars@ba uertrader. with ‘Your Photos’ i n the subject line. Photos should be in JPEG file format (ask a youngster!), larger than one megabyte in size but no bigger than th ree megabytes in total.

Alternatively, post your photos to Unique Cars, Bauer Trader, Locked Bag 12, Oakleigh VIC 3166, with a stamped, self-addressed envelope so we can return them to you.

Please include your name, phone number, the date and location of the photo, the names of anyone in the photo and the year/model of the car(s) concerned. Feel free to tell us all about the ci rcumstances around the picture. Get onto it!

06 Trevor McGinley sent us a slab of photos of Melbourne’s beloved Sandown Raceway which was being built back in 1964 – an impressive 51 years ago – which is still one of the world’s last remaining motorsport circuits located in a big city.

The MG Car Club of Victoria were invited by the circuit builders to help them bed down the new surface by having a pedal around on the bitumen.

“ This was when they were building the old circuit layout.

You can see the big Peters Ice Cream sign which was turn two, named Peter’s Corner.” Just around the corner is where Lex Davison was eventually killed during practice of the 1965 International 100, crashing his Brabham Climax open-wheeler having suffered a heart attack.

The curvy redhead before you is one of three Maserati 300Ss, in Australia in 1956 for the Albert Park Grand Prix. Two Masers came with Stirling Moss and Jean Behra, while local hero Bob Jane hammered his own around Sandown as you see here, albeit in a converted GT body with a drop-dead gorgeous silhouette thanks to the roofl ine and rear glass screen fl owing voluptuously into the rear bumper section. yo 30 th M an he ow se go ro o re T M Gi l s b w y o m b w b th p b Y C 0 In green with the #5 is a Scarab, from the States, being driven by Chuck Daigh, but was owned by British-American entrepreneur Lance Reventlow in the orange shirt (right), heir to the Woolworths fortune and step-son of actor Cary Grant.

Lance’s Euro sports car interests inspired Reventlow Automobiles, which fl opped after a few dismal Grand Prix attempts.

Reventlow created quite a stir with his wife, Jill St. John, who went on to co-star as Tiffany Case in the classic Bond fl ick Diamonds Are Forever (1971).

They divorced in 1963 but we never did quite get to know what she saw in billionaire Lance.

At the top, from the old Fisherman’s Bend airstrip, we see the Corvette Special, prepared by the one and only Murray Carter, then around 30 years of age.“ The #41 car is Jean Behra’s Maserati 300S being chased down by Murray in his Corvette-based race car which he built himself – of course. I remember getting a lift on the back of the car with Murray, sitting on the back with my feet between the suspension, at 120 miles per hour!

“They certainly were different times back then.” You’re not wrong, Trevor – we’ve gotta go back!

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