We bought this car in 1978, about the same time as we bought a house in Beechworth (Vic) and they cost about the same Ė around $14,000.

Before that we owned an SL/R5000 in the same colour, and before that a Mini Clubman GT.

The kids were brought up in this and we even brought them home from hospital in it. It even got used as an ambulance when one of the kids needed to be brought home with his leg in plaster from a skateboard accident.

Itís a really, really, well-used car. At the time I owned a nursery, so the back was often loaded up with plants and Iíd head off to the markets. It got driven on dirt, snow, through sleet Ė you name it.

My husband and I started doing it up, but he got ill and we packed it away in a shed in about 1993. Some years later, one of my sons Ė who reads Unique Cars Ė asked, ďDo you have any idea what that thingís worth? Why donít we do it up?Ē

So we dragged it out of the shed and across the snow and into a shipping container and started work.

It wasnít too bad. There were a few scratches, like the ones from the sheet of corrugated iron that got caught up in a mini cyclone. Eventually we built a new shed and put in a hoist so we could work on it in there.

Lots of the work was done in Melbourne. We were lucky to find a trimmer who still had the remnants of a roll of original seat material.

What I love about it is that itís a real car. When you drive cars these days, thereís no soul. With this, you can feel whatís going on. I much prefer to drive something like this than get in something that does it all for you.

Itís not perfect, but you can see itís got a bit of history. It was never going to be sold, and never will be. It will be cremated with me!