Liquid Intelligence founder Peter Maher has been in the chemical industry since he was 18. He admits that means it’s more than 40 years he’s been blending, manufacturing and formulating automotive and industrial fluids. Most of those have been brake fluids and coolants but he also does engine and fuel treatments plus a range of specialty chemicals with numerous applications. Among them is a range of waterless cooling system products.

“The cooling systems in passenger cars have always been marginal and have little excess capacity to handle extra heat generated by towing or high speed or mountain driving in hot weather,” says Maher.

“If you are experiencing over-heating issues in a vintage, classic or high performance and modified vehicle or a water-cooled motorcycle, that’s what we address.

“You must solve your overheating problem because anytime temperatures climb beyond the normal range, the engine is running in the danger zone.”

The company does a range of waterless coolant product for a wide range of applications, plus a number of products designed to eliminate oil leaks in a variety of equipment, including engines and hydraulics. It also covers a number of high-end braking fluid applications. The range runs across veteran, vintage, classic and modern vehicles.

It now exports to the USA, UK, Israel, South Africa, Bahrain and New Zealand.

The website (liquidintelligence. has a wealth of guides and documentation – worth a look.


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