Geelong Revival

Andy Enright

E very year the organisers of the Geelong Revival promise that it’ll be bigger and better than the year before and, thus far at least, they’ve tended to be right.

This year’s shindig is set to go down on Geelong’s picturesque waterfront precinct on Friday 27, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 November.

This time round the remit is being extended beyond the usual road and track-going fare to just about anything with an engine, so get ready for some vintage aircraft fly-pasts and some hot motorboating fun. Over 600 vehicles have already booked into the Friday Night Cruise, which has already become one of the weekend’s highlights. The Vintage Caravans will also be back along with the Vintage Fashion Awards. Uncle Phil’s going to be wearing the paddock jacket that HSV gave him in 2002, so the bar is going to be set pretty high.

We’ll be bringing you more news as we get it, but the provisional start lists will get any muscle car fan a bit weak at the knees. There’s a great mix of old and new that ought to satisfy all comers, with Saturday being reserved for newer metal and Sunday the classic vehicles. Keep that weekend free from in-laws, IKEA and other interruptions and direct your browser to http://www.geelongrevival. to prebook for the best deals.