Auto Trawling


Our brothers and sisters at Motor, Wheels and Street Machine have been cooking up some interesting motoring morsels for you to pry open and enjoy. Don’t say we don’t care

Staffer Louis has spent many hours “working” on putting together his nine best motorsport dust-ups and to be frank, he’s found some pearlers.

As much fun as it is to remember a decade ago when Marcos Ambrose was one misjudgment from head-butting Greg Murphy in the nose, check out the NASCAR brawls, and F1 rumbles of yesteryear on your Sunday night when you’re fed up wit h the latest waffle from 60 Minutes.

Our pick: When Nelson Piquet gives Eliseo Salazar the old one-two at the 1982 German Grand Prix. You would too if a back-marker crashed you out of the lead.

Damian Smy’s done some homework on the history of the Commodore in time for the launch of the new VF Series II SS, the fastest Commodore ever made, and brings you ten facts you (probably) didn’t know about Australia’s long-serving sedan nameplate.

What year was the first turbocharged Commodore? Come on, punters. Any idea who actually designed the first Commy, the VB? Bet you can’t recall the South Korean name of our home-grown Aussie export.

Did you know GMH signed off on (but dropped at the 11th hour) a 1985 Commodore 64 rallying special edition based on the classic Boulder Dash computer game with character Rockford moulded into the Lion badge? No? Just kidding – had you for a second.

Scott Taylor is in the States rubber necking some of the wildest drag racing machines in the world, at the Drag Week extravaganza in Cordova, Alabama. He’s come across one very interesting AMC Javelin that’s not got much ‘Javelin’ left in it – except for those gorgeous steel panels.

Beneath those, however, is 2500 horsepower. That’s not a typo. We could end there, but scan that QR code to see what this monster does to a drag strip. Owner Bryant Goldstone’s 1973 pink-and-black machine isn’t a trailer tyrant either. It’s on the road, towing his gear down the highway – only in America.