Full Frontal


I agree that everybody likes a ’57 Chevy but surely the one on page 24 (issue #379) is a ’55 with a ’57 front? However, more importantly, what is the story with the Corvette on page 74? Has the convertible got a boot lid and no hatch for the soft top? Compare that to the one on pages 56-57, which is what they usually look like.

That Vette almost got me as well, Stefan, until I remembered that Chevrolet redesigned the rear end of the C1 in 1961.

So you’re comparing pics of a C1 with a C2 which is why they’ll look different.

The Chev at Motorex was a replica of the 1957 Chevrolet 150 ‘Black Widow’ race car driven by Buck Baker to the National Championship.