Take a Bowe

Mick in the UK

Just a line or two to say thanks. A couple of months ago you told me that JB was coming up here to drive in the Goodwood Revival. I didn't know who he was. However, he did come and I met him, not only JB but the race car owner, Joe Calleja too. I had a great few hours with them. It was great to see that familiar grin face to face.

Sadly the car had gearbox problems right at the start and was an also-ran, so I didn't get to see JB race as we know he can. No doubt he'll tell you all about it. I've attached a pic of myself with the great man.

Glad you managed to track young Mr Bowe down, Mick. Having sampled the Revival, JB's in a strange state of being awestruck, frustrated and dying to get back there and do it justice. We had originally planned to send Uncle Phil with JB and Joe Calleja, but couldn't quite get the arrangements to stick at this end. We'll probably end up sending him next year because JB could well be