Wayne Hafemeister

LJ 4-door Supercharged Six

“I WAS GOING to put a V8 in it, but I am glad I didn’t,” admits Wayne Hafemeister. The reasons he is glad are two-fold.

One, it means he now has a monster 4/71 blower bolted to the side of a hot six. Two, his LJ four-door is now very different to most other “little” Toranas.

“I’ve always liked the red sixes. So I made the decision to go with the 202 and the blower. I wanted it to be fully engineered and Blue-Plated (Queensland’s modified car regulation scheme).”

Of course, you don’t just bolt a Blower to the side of a 202 and pronounce it legal, it takes a bit more than that… “I had so many people say, ‘ just bolt a blower to it and make a thousand horsepower and it’s all easy’. Bullshit!” he says, laughing. “It takes a lot of work, especially if you want it legal. And it hasn’t all gone smoothly…” All the amazing bodywork was done in the shed at home by Wayne, after he built a rotisserie himself, took the car back to metal, then painted it Clear Over Base (COB) with a Fiat Red.

The car was a standout at Toranafest due to its unique and classy interior, the fact it was shed and owner-built and of course that fully legal, blown six. Can you build us one now, please Wayne? t ft st be( r aaa mas oi