Bob Byrnes

Genuine Matching Number L34

BOB BYRNES’ genuine, matching number L34 is no stranger to those who have spotted the Barbados Green four door at car shows before, but for those who haven’t been introduced, behold: a piece of Australian motoring history in (mostly) un-restored condition that gets trailered nowhere – it’s driven, stone chips and all!

“It was one of only five L34s that went to NZ originally, and runs the original trims, carpet, driveline and the rest of the interior,” says Bob, proudly. “I have re-painted the sills, flares and front apron, but otherwise it’s the original acrylic Barbados Green paint it left the factory with. It’s driven, not hidden!

“I bought it in 2002 after it was returned here to Australia to be sold. I have the original six-inch rims at home for it, however I had these wheels made for it as these cars look a lot better with 8s and 10s on them! They fill the flares a lot better!

“In 13 years, I’ve done 60-odd thousand kays in it – including driving it here to Toranafest – even in the wet. If it gets dirty, it gets dirty – you just clean it afterwards. Next week, I drive to Toowoomba for the A9X Torana Nationals.”

One very driven owner, and a car that is just as driven!