Barry Gavin

LX SS L32 Hatch (Pops)

THIS CAR IS a genuine, matching number LX SS Hatchback (L32 – 253 V8), so has it’s own appeal right there, but like many cars it’s the story behind how owner Barry “Pops” Gavin he uses it that makes the story. And yes, that Hatch Hutch hanging off the back of it is genuine.

“I’ve owned the car for eight years. I’ve put new a gearbox in, added a front spoiler, got rid of the bumper strips from the sides of the doors, re-upholstered parts of the interior, and some other small bits and pieces.

“I had to replace the center console as well, and I added a heap of fibreglass reinforcing to the inside of it to stop it cracking – as they like to do.

“Then I started getting signatures for the glovebox: there’s Bev, James and Phil Brock, Harry Firth – there’s a heap of them on there. I even got Allan Moffat on there - as fierce rivals as he and Peter Brock were, they respected each other, so he signed it to.

“I have a display on the car that is a nod to how I work with kids, with four Team Brock bears, signed by Peter, Bev and James Brock and I want to get Jim Richard’s signature as well.”

Pops is a stalwart of the Torana scene, and his car is more than just a car – anyone who spotted his display would have known that! yi gf ri b c ht c st Bh gf Be t wb