What's hot on the block this month...


1964 Daimler SP250

Inheritor of the Top Gear anchor role after Clarkson decided to start chinning the staff, Chris Evans is a renowned car nut and this Daimler Dart was but one of 13 of his vehicles that went across the block at Goodwood, amongst which were a Ferrari 275 GTB and a Daytona Spyder. This is one of the rare police-spec SP250 models, sourced after the penny dropped that collaring scrotes was going to take something a bit perkier than a lethargic Zodiac.

The plod preferred automatics in these SP250s and this car comes with a buff logbook listing the first owner as the Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard, London, SW1.

It also retains its Pye police radio system and Winkworth bell.

SOLD! A$177,916


1978 Holden HZ GTS

You’d be forgiven for thinking there wasn’t much value to be found in 1970s Aussie muscle cars. The market for many of them has taken leave of its senses, but the twenty grand hammer fall on this HZ GTS was more than reasonable.

Radial Tuned Suspension, a five-litre bent-eight and less than 1500 ever built would seem to guarantee that this car would fetch serious money, but somebody drove off with a brilliant deal.

Yes, the car could use some superficial tidying to bring it up to a proper show ’n’ shine standard, but all the fundamentals were present and correct.

SOLD! A$20,500


1966 Fiat 600 Multipla

In Issue 369 John Wright returned from a mission to track down a Fiat 600 Multipla with a cracking example and a great yarn. Now this one has appeared at Goodwood, which is apt, as Multiplas have traditionally been used as taxis at the event. Showing just 24,000km, it has lived a life of leisure in the Balearics before being transported to England to sit in a barn for 12 years.

Hey, we’ve all made dud career choices at times. Almost fifty grand is strong money for a Multipla, but this one deserves another moment in the sun.

SOLD! A$47,950


1977 Ferrari 512 BB

There’s a wonderful little back story behind this yellow BB.

Owned from new by Chris Meek, the owner of Mallory Park race circuit in the UK, it became famous when used to demonstrate to a litigious consumer that its top speed really was 188mph rather than the 165mph Autocar magazine achieved in testing.

Chris maxed the BB on the M1 motorway, with the clocks showing an indicated 190mph.

When Chris visited Maranello later he received a personal thank you from Enzo Ferrari, a framed poster of the 190mph speed run gracing the wall of Il Commendatore’s office.

SOLD! A$500,565


1980 Bolwell Suzuki

Amid all the exotica and muscle cars, we chuckled at this Bolwell truck advertising Peter the Possum Man. If there's a screeching marsupial requiring removal from your crawl space, you’d love to see big Pete stepping out of what looks like a kiddie’s ride from outside Coles that's come off its mountings. Actually these 850cc Suzuki Actybased vans are quite peppy when not laden down with traps and pest paraphernalia.

Somebody’s $14,000 is going to deliver plenty of smiles.

Unless you're a possum.

SOLD! A$14,000


1968 Mazda Cosmo 110S

Quite why somebody changed this lovely Cosmo's original and definitive Japanese racing white colour scheme to this ghastly orange is beyond us, but it might help explain why it didn’t reach anything like what we tend to expect for tidy Cosmos. It’s also a bit of an oddity being one of the rare interim models, factory built with bits of Mk1 and bits of Mk2. It’s in very good condition, has spent most of its life in Japan and features the authentic houndstooth cloth interior. The 110 horsepower Wankel engine offered decent compression and much of the chromework had been restored.

SOLD! A$112,091


ON THE BLOCK Janis Joplin’s Porsche 356C

“Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz? My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends” sang Janis Joplin. Except she was lying. She drove a Porsche as well. This Porsche 356C Cabriolet, in fact, hand painted with a kaleidoscopic mural that is allegedly supposed to represent the history of the universe. So you get butterflies and jellyfish, as well as a solipsistic portrait of Joplin with members of her band. She loved the car and was frequently seen pedalling it around San Francisco. The car was fully restored in 1990 and went on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland in 1995, where it has remained.

The pre-sale estimate of A$570,000 looks extremely modest.

RM Sothebys, New York, December 10th.

2016 Shelby GT 350

We’ve got a bit of a Shelby theme running through this issue, so how about this one.

Auctioned for charity at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, this particular vehicle is a pre-production GT350 that Henry Ford III took to George W. Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas where Dubya was given a chance to drive it and signed it as well.

With Jay Leno amping up the bidding, this car which would normally retail at around $70,000, bettered that value by a factor of 14. All proceeds went to the Bush Institute’s Military Service Initiative, which supports post-9/11 veterans as well as service members and their families.

SOLD! A$1,000,000


1969 Ford Falcon XW GT

Usually an XW GT appearing on the block at Shannons would be a big deal, but on this occasion the lovely old girl had to play second fiddle to a gnarled antediluvian Harley Davidson that brought $600,000. It made the $77,000 asked for the Ford look very reasonable. These XWs were only sold for two years, ‘69 and ’70, and came good at Bathurst in Allan Moffat’s capable hands. While lacking the cachet of GT-HO models, the GT is still a punchy performer, with 290hp cranking out from its Windsor 351. That shape?

It’s an unmistakable aspect of Aussie muscle car culture.

SOLD! A$106,700


1977 Lancia Montecarlo

The Lancia Montecarlo ought to have been a fondly remembered car from the Seventies. It looked great, handled well, featured an authentically exotic mid-engined layout and was sold on the back of a brilliant rallying pedigree.

Unfortunately most examples were afflicted with rust problems worse than the wreck of the Lusitania and this car had its share of metal moth beneath the pretty turquoise paint. Lancia sold 7,798 Montecarlos overall, so they were never really rare, but the owner of this car needs to do some structural work and a fair bit of waiting in order to see the value of this get serious.

SOLD! A$15,000


1993 Lamborghini Diablo

With Countach prices going ballistic, it was inevitable that the next V12 Lamborghini in the queue, the Diablo, would also see a spike in market interest. The last mid-engined Lambo built before Audi took over, the Diablo had a hit and miss evolution and while rarer SE, SV, and GT models will be the most sought after, even a standard Diablo like this tidy 1993 example are now fetching strong money. On the plus side of the ledger, this car has less than 24,000km on the clock and has been very well kept.

On the minus, the steering wheel’s on the wrong side. A genuine 200mph supercar that’s the last of an old school bloodline? Yours for a quarter of a mill.

SOLD! A$250,694