Buyer’s Checklist

Body & Chassis

Here you are going to need the best of expert advice. Documented history and locating all of the identifying marks – including one that’s hidden from view are the cars to look for. Shelby signature additions like C-pillar windows, extractor vents and the fibreglass bonnet fitted to some cars are difficult to replicate.

Rust, should it happen to be present, is most likely to show in the rear quarters, boot and cabin floors. Make sure that the ‘export brace’ that supports the strut towers is still fitted.

Engine & Transmission

Nothing too scary here unless special Shelby components are missing. All early GT350s used the high-compression ‘K’ code 289 cubic-inch (4.7-litre) V8 with a larger sump than was fitted to stock engines and made from cast aluminium to match the rocker covers.

The shift-action of the four-speed T-10 transmission is notchy by nature but if it crunches or baulks when down-changing a rebuild is needed. Clutch shudder can be due to overheating of the clutch but also because engine or transmission mounts are worn or cracked. Older, noisy limited-slip differentials can be upgraded with modern Platinum Track innards for around $1000 plus labour. ca disc ssion ,e ack our.

Suspension & Brakes

Springs, steering and brakes are simple and available so there’s no excuse to own a Shelby that makes its own way in the world.

Shorter, stiffer springs and modified control arms gave a lower stance, Koni shock absorbers combined decent ride and taut handling. Girling front were shared by some Jaguar models the wider rear drums were lifted from the much heavier Ford Galaxie. Cars without a brake booster demand big pedal pressures but can be converted minimal cost. t cent t discs ls a m rs g ed at and

Interior & Electrics

88 Black vinyl and lots of it dominate a Shelby Mustang cabin. The stock seats are basic Mustang items with lap-only ‘Racer Brown’ seat belts. Stock trim is easy to find, some special parts like the tachometer mounting ‘pod’ introduced for 1967 more difficult. As with all convertibles, activate the power top several times to be sure nothing in the mechanism is bent or binding.