Keith Bostockís 1967 HR Holden Special


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My sonís very passionate about HRs; heís got one but itís in pieces at the moment.

I was thinking I wouldnít mind a toy of my own, since I had Kingswoods when I was younger. I was looking at maybe getting an EH or something like that, but we always ended up looking at HRs because thatís what my son loves. He said one day, ĎDad, youíve gotta come see this original HRí, so we ended up buying it.

It was all original when I got it, we just sort of polished it up, had it reconditioned and kept everything looking original.

The interior is still original aside from the carpet, which it didnít have. That was added in í89 but the receipt is still there.

Other than that, everything else is original. The purchase price shows on the original receipt, too. It was $2405.94.

Itís actually even got the original number on the rego, weíve just put new plates on it.

Basically, Iím assuming thatís what the car was like as new and we havenít touched it.

Even the paint is original.

I clean it about once a week, I usually take it out to a show each week and thatís when it gets driven, so it gets cleaned as itís needed. I donít like to put a lot of water on, since old Holdens can start to rust like that, but it does have a tiny bit in the front guard. Aside from that itís amazingly rust free.

It gets driven so regularly because I didnít want it to be locked away. It was basically locked away for a long time before I had it, and itís only got 67,000 original miles on it now, so Iíve tried to get some use out of it. I think there was about 25 years where it had only done 4000 miles. Itís too good to be locked away. Youíve got to enjoy it.

Iíve had it since early 2014, and it probably wasnít my first choice, but with the originality and the way the car is, I love it. Itís part of the family now, but I think what I really love is that it hasnít been played with, touched up or resprayed. Iím very careful with the repairs that get done, so that it stays up to original standards.

The kids called it Lady Penelope, and it kind of stuck.

They got the name from The Thunderbirds, but I kind of like it, because the carís like a nice, elegant lady, even though itís a country car. It was originally bought in Laidley and it lived there until I bought it and brought it to Brisbane. There are no plans to move it on Ė I donít think my son would talk to me if I got rid of it.