Jim de Kleynís 1970 Mustang Mach 1 Fastback

I bought the Mach 1 in January this year, after that I drove it back to Brisbane from Newcastle. It was a hairy drive, because it was the first time Iíd driven a left-hand drive car and the steering wasnít so good back then. It wanted to go right all the time, but thatís since been fixed and itís a pleasure to drive now.

The most recent hassle Iíve had has been the starter motor.

I went to move the car and the motor just kept revving and revving, even after I took the key out. The only thing that stopped it was disconnecting the battery. Aside from the starter, only the tie rods and a couple of things in the interior have been replaced. When I get some more money together Iíd like to get a re-paint for it

in the same colour, but thatís a long way down the track.

Itís come a long way since I bought it. When I first got it the speedo didnít work, nor the radio or the air conditioning. Thatís all been fixed now. Everyone was telling me Iíd need to get a modern radio put in it because you canít get the original valves anymore, but I found a chap at Kuraby who made a new valve for one hundred dollars. Itís only AM, but itís close to original which is what Iím trying to do. Besides that, you wouldnít really hear whatís on the radio over the engine.

I just really like the style of it. Young blokes are into turbos and diesels, but for an old-fart like me, I just really like a good steel car. This oneís just got a unique shape to it. When you compare it to something like a Jaguar, this or a Camaro or something like that just shows muscle and I like it.

To be honest itís a bit of a mid-life crisis thing. Iíve been meaning for years and years to get one. Well, Iíve got one.