Thomas Kirkeís 1989 BMW 318i Series 2

Iwas searching for an E30 for six or seven months, I looked at a few then I stumbled across this one. It was actually used at a wreckerís as their delivery vehicle, believe it or not. So it was pretty much in mint condition, I picked it up super cheap. A lot of the parts on it have been put on the car by the wreckers, so the car is pretty clean because of that.

It passed a roadworthy right away, the only thing that was wrong was the jets for the washer werenít working properly. The inspector said underneath the car was immaculate. Since it was a delivery car, the interior was a little beat but everything else like the control arms and other parts had been swapped out for better ones they had.

I got it in 2012, so Iíve had it for a while now. Since then itís been given coil-overs front and rear, the whole front assembly has had to be re-done, the bushes as well. Itís pretty stiff now, and pretty low. Itís got new front seats, electric windows, wheels, lips, fog lights and I actually had the gearbox reconditioned at one stage Ė because I broke it.

The flex plate snapped, which is basically the automatic flywheel.

I was initially looking for an E28, but theyíre almost impossible to find. I guess an E30 just ticks all the boxes.

Itís a small, light, rear-wheeldrive car. It handles well, itís such a fun car to drive, itís a very good daily. The styling, too, I think is possibly the pinnacle of BMWís design.

To me, the front of an E30 is the money shot.

Iím not a fan of the motor at all, though. The M40B18 is a bit gutless, and I feel like other BMW people will agree with that. For what it is, I think it was alright at the time I bought it. You can bolt in a much more modern motor fairly easily, which is the plan. I bought the car with the intention to swap the motor, so I wasnít really worried about the gearbox or motor at the time.

Iím still working on a few small things before I change the motor, like swapping the front and rear bars to be colour-matched, which is what the nicer models came with. Also new rear seats, and I want to dye the carpet. Just some small things here and there. Then itíll be swapping the gearbox and motor.

Iím never going to sell it. If I move country, Iíll be giving it to my dad, because he loves it as much as I do. Itís the first car Iíve ever owned under my name. Itís one-hundred percent mine so it means a lot to me.