Cat Some Slack

Graham Lloyd

Your concerns about buying an XJS Jaguar are well-founded, Guy, but there are some excellent examples around if youíre prepared to look and wait. Jaguars in general can be idiosyncratic, but theyíre full of character.

Unreliability is usually overstated. Issues with an XJS catching fire relate to injector hoses that are allowed to deteriorate.

Properly checked and serviced, theyíre fine.

Some owners replace them with a fuel rail system thatís even better. Iíve owned a few Jags over the years, including V12s, and had no more issues than typical for other cars. At the same time I had much more enjoyment than any typical car.

Prices are going up fast for a good XJS.

Mid-20k cars in 2014 are now in asking low 30s. Itís far less expensive in the long run to buy a cheaper mediocre car.

Iíd suggest the best XJS is post-1985, Aust-delivered of course to minimise chances of rust problems in UK imports, with reasonable mileage. Low-km cars arenít always best; any car thrives on regular use; XJS especially. A Jaguar V12 is a superb thing. o pay more for a top XJS than to

Graham, stop giving Guy ideas. You are right about the smoothness of a wellsorted V12 Jag. It's a 'Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight' kinda thang.