Oil of Oh No

David Hodgkinson

I enjoyed the disastrous tale of the VN SS over-filled with oil (issue #380). Years ago, my sister was minus a car so I lent her my best first-gen Civic hatch (sorry, I collect them). The list of instructions I gave her to keep it and her on the road, included a severe warning that the worn engine was prone to needing topping up with oil.

Weeks went by and she called to say a tow truck was delivering it to my place from the shopping centre. She’d bought some oil for it – from the shopping centre – and topped it up. She informed blanketed in thick black smoke and wouldn’t start. Upon inspection, on top of the two-ish litres already in it, five litres went in the top of the motor!

The mess. The engine bay was lathered in lubricant. It took two cans of carbycleaner just to make it run again and hours of cleaning. The towie also damaged the bodywork and one of the ultra-rare mags.

She recently left my trailer unlocked on the street one very windy night, and well, you can imagine. Haven’t lent her anything since. I’m concerned for her high-miler BMW 540i V8. Sigh. me the entire car park was

David, have you ever worked in an auto retail store? The waves of regular folk who pass through the doors completely unaware of what make the car is they’ve spent a wad of cash on is bewildering.

The conversation goes something like, “Holden or Honda?” “Yes.” Sigh.

Datsun of a B…