Datsun of a B…

Eric Waples

Bad idea editor Allen – yes, the XJS is a good-looking piece of kit, and yes it won Bathurst in 1985. But you must understand the Bathurst winner was owned by a Scot with a team of Englishmen pouring oil in during pit stops from steel gallon cans. Just like Brits think Andy Murray is one of them, some pretend the XJS is reliable.

Travelling Wollongong to Sydney one must defeat the dreaded Mt Ousley incline. It was here, half way up, I saw my first XJS (new then), parked at the roadside. Smoke and steam emanating from the engine bay, but no flames at that stage, the ‘well-heeled’ owner stood beside it looking decidedly distraught.

What really caught my attention was the Datsun 120Y that motored on by up the hill past the smoking Jag.

Considering the bucketing heaped on said Datsun model over many years by motoring journos, I thought justice had not only been done that day, but had been seen to be done.

But Eric…Bathurst!