Your Motoring Years

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01-05 You’re looking at Graeme Smith’s big car build project. It’s an Austin Healey BT7L/650, built from May 22 to 24 back in 1959, dispatched to St Louis, USA.

“This is how I bought it in Las Vegas,” (pic#3) says Graeme, “for the massive sum of $500 Aussie dollars!”

When he got the Austin back to Australia, Graeme took it to Steve Pike of Marsh Classic Restorations in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria. “It was nearly an exact copy of the Pat Moss 1959 rally car which lived in Victoria at that time. It was kindly lent to me for copying.

Garry Blackman worked the trim magic with Wilton Carpet, roof lining and tonneau.”

The ‘only’ difference according to Graeme was the 289ci V8 with fi ve-speed Celica ’box upgraded by Rod Hatfi eld, 2x2 ½ extractor exhausts exiting in front of the rear wheels either side, and 8000rpm on the rev counter! “It had 320hp at the treads, 650 Holley, twin-plane manifold, larger s/s valves, roller rockers, and a hot cam.

Craig Davis fans, Mazda RX3 oil cooler, 3.54 diff with Koni 01 l k shocks, track rods, panhard rod and one-inch anti-roll bars.”

Holy smoke, Graeme!

“Finished in 1992 it won AH Peoples’ Choice for Specials and I went on to compete in anything I could. It pulled a 14-second quarter mile and, with a northerly gust, would hit 140mph down Gardner Straight at Phillip Island. Pity I sold it to a chap in Geelong who is still trying to wear it out.”

06 Here’s a pic shot by Wes Hughes, taken across the pond.

“I found a this photo in my photo album. It isn’t the best but I think I was trying to be ‘arty’,” he says. “I thought it may be of interest. This was a display of old police cars in Auckland (NZ) in 1986.” 07-09 On a rainy day with little to do, Greg Thornton decided to submit one of his motoring stories to UC in the form of his love of racing.

“My love of motor sports and fi ddling with cars goes way back to speedway racing a Cyclops pedal car around the yard with my brother until we tore the centre out of the front right wheel in the early 1950s,” he says. “Our parents took us to Westmead Speedway regularly through the late ’50s and ’60s. Sid Hopping was a local favourite!”

“I was from working class