Your Motoring Years

suburbs and Dad was a fi tter and turner father so we never owned anything new but we were always encouraged to participate and have a good go at fi xing whatever we had. Firstly, our Vanguard Spacemaster pretending to go up Amaroo hillclimb in about 1969 with Gladesville Car Club as part of a race day. Engine was Triumph TR4 but that’s where development ended. M&S tyres were off Ed Mulligan’s rally Peugeot and the Vanguard did have a fl oor shift that used to go over-centre and lock the gears.”

Greg’s next photo is of a Morris Major series I. “This little beast used to mix it with some greater equipment,” he recalls. “It had a worked MGB 1600cc with cam and head mods that made it go faster than the brakes and diff could ever handle. It made for a great gymkhana club car in Wagga Wagga circa 1973.

“Going through my late father’s shoe box of photos was this tragic scene (pic #9) and the hand written note on the back, “driver deceased”. It was taken on the road up to the Blue Mountains sometime between 1945 and 1949.

“On a lighter note, in recent years I completely restored to concours standard a 1951 P4 Rover 75 ‘Cyclops’ that went when fi nancing of children at University competed and won.” Now, Greg is restoring “a (Johnny) Howard tractor and building a hot rod golf buggy (but that’s another story)”. 10- 11 The Cobra replica en fififififinancing U d re How ho whe you’re looking at here was you’r you’re looking at here was built by the old man of UC regular sender Geoff Scard, from Queensland. “Dad built the Cobra for a family friend many years ago,” he says.

“My mum and dad, now passed away, are in the car in the photo. But I’ve no idea know where the car would be now. The owner’s name is Bill and he assisted you’r b my father in the build from the bare shell kit, although he wasn’t as mechanically-minded as Dad. I never actually saw it in the fl esh, but I do remember the Cobra’s nickname was ‘Anaconda’. The engine was a 302-cubic inch Windsor V8 and it had such a sweet paint job.” h b h ll k l h h h