John Henryís 1960 MGA

I íve probably wanted an MGA for most of my life.

I come from a small place in New Zealand and we rarely got to see cars like that. One day I saw one and I thought ĎWow, thatís just amazingí. I got my MG three years ago. Itís my first MG and actually my first classic car.

A friend of mine was talking about an MG a couple of years ago, and so I told him I have one now. He didnít like that very much.

When I bought it, getting used to the brakes was a little scary because thereís no power braking. The other thing is the low proximity to the ground.

When youíre driving along next to a truck and its wheel is right beside your head you think ďWhoa, I could get squashed like a bug hereĒ.

Itís definitely exhilarating, but itís a different sort of ride.

You actually have to drive it rather than putting your foot on the gas and letting the motor do the work. You have to help get it to where itís going. Having it lower and lighter is more fun.

I actually looked at getting a V8 not long ago, it was a 64-and-a-half Mustang, but I only have room for one in my garage and I canít get rid of her. The MG, I mean. There was really no argument because I donít want to part with it.

When it does come time to move it on, it wonít be about the money, it will be more about who itís going to. I think everyone in my family would be happy to take it, but I donít think theyíd be able to look after it the way it needs to be

looked after. Iíd rather sell it for $5000 or even $10,000 less to someone whoís been looking for one for a long time and who can give her a good home.

Iíve had such a fantastic run with it, so Iíve never really been able to complain about it. You do get the little things, though.

One day I took it to the shops and the wipers started up. All that was wrong was the wiper motor was loose. The carís so simple though. If itís not running itís because thereís no fuel, oil or spark.

Iíve always like older cars and classic cars. I think itís because as they get older and rarer they need a custodian, someone to look after them and make sure theyíre still around for another 50 years, touch wood.

Iím very particular about cars and I believe everything should be as original as it can be. I donít think you should swap motors or gearboxes or things like that.

I put a lot of store in matching numbers so, if it hasnít got that, thereís no interest in it for me.