Chris Saundersí 1989 Nissan Skyline Passage GT

I havenít owned the Skyline for very long; it used to be a friendís and I bought it from him a few months ago. Iíve got quite a few of these, but when my mate decided to sell his I wanted a really clean and original one.

Itís hard to chase originality all the time and fix stupid things people do to them, so he kind of pestered me to buy it because he really didnít want to sell it to anyone else.

Itís a Japanese import, and everything in it is original.

Even the strut bar was a factory item. I really love the originality. The plan is basically to tidy it up, fixing stone chips and a couple of blemishes on the rear. There are a few little car park bumps and scratches that have happened over the years.

Because itís a pillarless four-door, itís a Passage GT.

This oneís top of the range, with the twin-cam, turbo and all that sort of stuff. The performance is great; just before I bought it the head was reconditioned and itís got a new gasket and all that. It probably drives better than it did originally but, compared to my dadís or the others I have, itís definitely not a jet.

Thereís nothing about it that really bothers me, so thereís not too much that I want to really do with it.

The main thing I want is for it to stay original. It drives nowhere near as well as some of my more modified ones, but itís nice to have just to remember where it all started.

If it ever came down to me selling the car, itíd have to go to someone I knew would keep looking after it.