Motering Years


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TED FOWLER I have been reading the last four issues of Unique Cars and am quite surprised at the odd troubles you seem to be having with your E-Types. Among the 30 or so cars – mostly used – I have owned, my two E-Types have proved to be very reliable, driving all over Australia and even towing a boat! My worst buys were a Falcon and a Nissan Exa.

The first E-Type, bought in England for £1000 in 1971, was shipped to Sydney and driven to Darwin through floods, leaving Holdens and finally a Renault behind. I would probably still have it, but the Darwin cyclone left me no choice but to sell it at auction in Adelaide for $500 – w hich bought me a VW Kombi to live in! My second E-Type, a convertible, I swapped an XJ6 for!

It was great and reliable as well! For what it’s worth, I am not a mechanic by any means, either!

STEVE TABLEY This is a pic of my 1951 Morris Oxford van which I had all through the 1980s in Tasmania. The old side-valve was a bit slow so I put a 1600 MG motor and gearbox in it. It hauled firewood and towed my heavy boat easily and it was as much fun as my Alfa Berlina and Charger 770. On a whim, I ran it in a demolition derby. I regretted that decision and miss it dearly. It was a great old car.

MICHAEL REDDAN The summer of 1963-64 wasn’t good for me. I had a 40 Ford Sloper and could not get it running properly. My mates had Holdens and they had gone to the beaches. I had spent my holiday money on the Ford so had to stay home. In February I was back at work and bought a 48-215 Holden. I painted it in matte blue and put two carbies on it, alloy rocker cover, chrome side plate and a nice exhaust system.

Note the lack of rear door handles and a tiger’s tail coming out of the grille. It was a fun car, hooning around the suburbs, going to country dances and the drive-in. I kept it for about 18 months then bought a Ford Customline. The photo was taken in Lincoln Road in Essendon, Victoria – and that’s me on the far left. Not ‘Harry High-Pants’, the young bloke!