Tone deaf

Brent Murray

Australia builds cars unique to this county in the past and present. Surely Iím not the only one who noticed the absolute arrogance and disconnection with the Australian public displayed by an elected (and now ousted) prime minister being chauffeured around in a BMW with another BMW in support.

I wonder what the good folk from blue to white collar at GM Holden and Ford Australia think when they see Ďtheir PMí blatantly ignoring them. Especially when they still build mighty fine cars, cars that support our countryís economy.

Surely you could spend the same amount on fitting G20 levels of security and armaments in a Holden Caprice or a G6E Turbo. We do have a military, Tony. And a car industry. We can make stuff, Tony.

Iím disgusted and they call themselves Australian. No wonder he got the arse.

ED: That was just one of many insults to a car industry that didnít need any more kicking. We donít tend to talk politics here at Unique, but most seem glad to see the back of the guy.