CORVETTE CLINIC is the standout Aussie family business converting US-imported late-model Corvettes and Camaros.

Meeting Australian righthand drive standards is Kane Whiston’s forte.

Kane’s no ordinary engineer; because these American muscle cars are a perfect juxtaposition from their ancestry of the ’50s and ’60s. “Converting them to right-hand drive is extremely difficult,” Kane says. “Even though we’ve got the process down perfectly, it’s very complex because of how they’re built, dedicated to left-hand drive.”

There are no shortcuts to dealing correctly with the range of required changes. “They’re very labour intensive, with fiddly interior bits, lots of carbon fibre and electronics. The dashboard needs to be completely redeveloped by scanning the original dash, mirroring the CAD design and milling it out of ureaformaldehyde foam. With that shape we then use it to make the moulds,” he says.

While growing demand from overseas clients was driving the business last time we spoke to Kane, he’s seeing a shift lately. “I’m actually getting lots of work from Aussie C7 buyers now which is fantastic,” said Kane.

“The other significant difficulty of converting a ’Vette is of course the electric steering. We literally re-make a left-hand rack including pinions and shafts, we de-design the firewall, the pedals, brake booster and lines – it’s not a quick fix like some overseas companies try to sell.

This is where Corvette Clinic sets the benchmark, Kane doesn’t sell a cut-price result. “It’s about giving customers the ultimate result. Literally everything forward of the firewall has to be thought through in these cars. With the steering racks, other companies overseas are simply adding connector rods from the tiller to the left side of the car and it destroys the handling characteristics.”

“This is a precision instrument with virtual race car steering feel and feedback. But the cheaper conversions give you a very dull, numb, and delayed response on turn in, midcorner and exit feedback.

I absolutely will not compromise on our work – you get what you pay for.”

With four Z06s done and another 10 coming, Kane is the go-to man for Corvettes.

In 2016 he’ll be ready to handle Camaro conversions to the same high standard.

Visit the experts in Corvette magic at or call Kane on 03 9467 7371.

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