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My love of Mustangs was inspired by my grandfather, who purchased a brand new coupe back in 1967. The photo of him with the car, soon after he collected it, is a prized possession and the inspiration behind my own extensive í66 Mustang rebuild.

Iím a staunch Ford man, and have always been a car lover. It took several years, until 2007, to find the right car. My wife Sonia and I purchased a 1966 stock standard coupe in Tahoe Turquoise and it was used as a daily driver for some time, even picking the kids up from school, until the complete restoration process began in 2008.

This may sound like a familiar story to many Ė it seems the smallest things can lead to the biggest projects! What started as a small spot of rust in the left-hand rear wheel arch turned into a full restoration by Troy Murrell of East Coast Customs on the Gold Coast.

It took five years to complete.

Over the years Troy and I would talk about new ideas to customise the car Ė fortunately his workmanship was second to none. During the build every panel was modified in some way, along with the underbody, boot, taillights, engine bay and interior. The vision was to create a fully-customised car that retained much of the classic look of an original.

Since completion, the car has won several awards including being named in the prestigious Meguiarís Motor Super Six in 2015, a 2015 Meguiarís Super Stars Finalist, Queensland Hot Rod Show Top 10, Queensland Hot Rod Show Best Engine Bay, Queensland Hot Rod Show 2nd Place 2-Door 49-70 class, QRHP Swap Meet and Show and Shine 2015 Top 10 and best engine bay.

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THIS SHED FIND TURNED OUT TO BE A BRABHAM CAR I answered an ad for the Beemer which was very nondescript, so I guess you could call these Brabham cars a garage find. The Brabham BMW, which was driven in the 24-hour Moroso SCCA enduro in 1996, was commissioned by Ross Palmer for AKG Motorsport.

It was parked in a shed in Brisbane, where it had been for the best part of 15 years. Itíd been 10 years since they moved it and it was full of old magazines. It was a non-runner, because they lost the key. Itís still completely original, all we did was replace the key and the battery and changed all the fluids in it. It runs like a top, doesnít miss a beat.

Itís still got the original wheels and tyres. For the few times Iíve run the car, Iíve used other wheels and tyres because I wanted to keep the car absolutely original. Itís something that needs to be kept as a club racer, because it is a piece of history. It was driven by our own, our first, and probably greatest world champion. His likes will never be equalled. Not only did he build his own car with Repco, the Brabham name and Repco were joined together at the hip, but they won. They didnít just build the car, they won the F1 world title!

Thatís the Brabham Beemer, it runs beautifully, but I donít want to continue to run it. Iím building a wilder version, one that, if I damage it, I wonít cry.

The car was signed on the bonnet, which the photos show, by the whole team. Including Sir Jack.

They put a coat of clear over it to protect it and only that side of the bonnet, for some reason, has been sun-affected. The signatures are still there, but theyíre indistinguishable. But in the photos, if you look carefully you can make out the writing. Its whole history has been documented, what the car was used for and what it did. I would just like to see it in somebodyís collection, and only used for special events. I donít want to see it being used as an everyday racer. It could do it, the car has everything, but itís too good to be used as a thrash machine. (See tradeuniquecars.

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This was a brandspanking- new í98 model Volkswagen, bought in the US by Ross Palmer, taken as a new car to AKG, where they decided they were going to race it at the Nurburgring in the same year they bought it! They contacted the factory but they wouldnít sell them a race engine for it. They didnít want the car in Europe because it wasnít due for release there until the autumn after the race.

Instead, they pulled a motor out of an Audi A4, installed it in the car and they got it there. They did the 24-hour, in which they crashed and had damage to the front guard. The repaired it and managed to finish in 131st, which was considered a good effort for an unproven car.

They kept the car there and ran it there in the six-hour later that year when it was driven by Sir Jack. The interesting thing about it is the car is absolutely original down to the wheels and tyres, which have still got over half tread on them. Itís all as it was shipped back from Europe and itís still in good nick. Itís a collectorís piece, the first New Beetle to ever run at the Nurburgring.

Both cars were found in the same shed, both previously owned by Ross Palmer, they both took a hell of a lot of cleaning. They were dirty, but still original. As with the BMW, the Volkswagen needed new fluids and it ran like it did the day it was built.

I think this is a collectorís car, not an everyday car. Theyíre both worth keeping, but Iím not in a position to hold onto the cars.

I love the Beetle...I love the Beemer too, but the Volkswagen is so fun. The only problem is that itís quick, but quiet. Itís like youíre driving a very fast road car. The difference is all the AKG gear, the roll cage, coilovers, NASCAR tank, seats with the harnesses.

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MEET STRADBROKE ISLANDíS UNOFFICIAL TAXI Igot this Gemini back in January 2014, and it was my first car. I was looking for an old car because theyíre way better, and my dad and I stumbled upon this one on the Internet.

I think the first problems I had, there have been so many, was that the radiator was leaking, then after that the brake hoses were leaking.

Both very important things.

I do road trips so that brings out all the problems. The alternator actually stopped working one day on the way back from Cairns in this little country town. I even changed the alternator by phone-light on the side of the road, but it fell out six hours later.

I get pulled over because itís a bit of a Ďhooní sounding car, and because itís bright orange. Itís kind of just asking for it. Iím used to it, but a few police officers have pulled me over and said itís a random breath test and then said Ďby the way, I love your car!í

The carís totally roadworthy right now. Itís probably a little too loud for me at the moment, and maybe a little too low since speed bumps get in my way.

Iíd love to re-do the whole interior, keeping it as it is but just new. Itís really not in good condition because itís got tears, and the dash needs fixing.

I was driving down Gympie Road the other night, and at the lights I see someone pull up out of my peripheral vision. I look and heís trying to get me to wind down my window, so I did. The light went green and weíre driving along and he calls out Ďdoes it have any rust on it?í So often Iíll get an older guy stop me and tell me he remembers learning to drive in one.

Iím not planning to get rid of it. As much I hate that thereís no air-con, no power steering and that I have to wind down the windows myself, I also love those things.

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FIRST SET UP as a four-cylinder race car in 1969, this distinctive monster has had a colourful life.

At some stage it was fitted with a 600-horse rotary powerplant! That unit has since been removed and put in an RX-7, while the Anglia is back to four pots. Itís running an RX-7 gearbox, Hi-Lux diff, coilovers, and is now set up for Group U racing.