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VW Beetle

Three other cars that came back from the dead:

VW Beetle

The Beetle is one of the most long-lived cars in history, and when the newfor- 1968 Beetle arrived in Oz, the old body presses were shipped to Brazil.

Amazingly, after being killed-off in the mid-1986, the Brazilian Beetle was resurrected by government request in 1993.


The MGB ceased production in 1981 but in 1988, British Motor Heritage announced the remanufacture of complete replacement body-shells from the original tooling.

Restorers loved them as the availability of the new body allowed Rover to produce the MG RV-8.

Daewoo 1.5i

We never saw it in Australia but after the 1980s Opel Astra/Vauxhall Cavalier was replaced in Europe, its tooling was shipped to Korea. The result appeared in Australia as the Daewoo 1.5i (later the Cielo) and in some other countries around the world with Pontiac and Chev badges.