Motering Years


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These fresh-faced youngsters are Tony Bacon, Trevor Hunter and reader Barry Gully and they were snapped way back in 1959 when the trio took the trip of a lifetime from Adelaide to Australia’s Red Heart. The 1954 SWB Land Rover had already provided reliable transport on spear-fishing expeditions to the Yorke Penisnula.

Back then you could buy guns and ammo freely, the boys had heard of farmers who’d pay to have shooters clear their land of kangaroos and wild pigs, so they duly set off, armed to the teeth on a route that took in Broken Hill, Wilcannia, Cobar, Bourke, Brewarrina, the dog-proof fence between New South Wales and Queensland, Innamincka, the Strzelecki Desert, Leigh Creek and Fort Augusta.

Picture 1 shows one the regular stops to attend to another puncture. In picture 2 we have Tony, the owner of the Land Rover, at the wheel with Barry keeping a sharp eye open for any wildlife that has a lead deficiency in its diet. Picture 3 has Trevor and Barry looking pleased with their marksmanship and in picture 4 the guys are passing between NSW and QLD.

Barry assures us that after this trip the boys gained an appreciation for environmentalism and would like to sincerely apologise for any kangaroos, foxes and pigs who may have been hurt during the pilgrimage. And all these years later, he’s still scanning the pages of Unique Cars looking for the Mustang of his dreams.


Geoff’s sent us a cracking collection of pics and we’ll run a few here. This is his parents with their Morris Minor and Buck the Bulldog. The Greens were a Morris Minor family. His brother bought the first one, a 1928 model, which he drove home and parked it in the drive. It never started again. This was due to his younger brother switching the spark leads around. It was eventually sold to a group of bodgies (remember them) who towed the Minor away at high speed behind their Ford with the wheels only barely and occasionally touching the ground. The bodgies could not get it to start either and the last Geoff heard of it was that it was bodily carried to the back fence and then turfed into the Carrum Creek, where it probably still lies.


The desperadoes on the left are from the village of Hoa Long in 1971. They are arrayed over the front of his Land Rover. Note the scrawny dog that considered himself very much one of the gang. Also note the lack of doors. One day Geoff gave a lift to two characters who carried a writhing bag of something or other. He asked what was in it and they promptly tipped out a whole mass of snakes onto the floor. Not having to fool around opening doors was a real bonus!

On the right is Geoff’s wife with another of the family’s Minors. She called him once to to say that it wouldn’t go. He drove to the hospital car park and sure enough the engine would start, you would let out the clutch and nothing happened. Then the steering wheel spun lock to lock. Another closer look found that she had backed it up onto a big patch of agapanthas and all four wheels were off the ground!


We’ve already got Peter Tyson marked as a man who’s considerably more stylish than any of us. This picture was taken in 1975, in the heart of the decade that taste forgot, and Pete’s looking pretty fresh herein the beige leather blouson and white pants combo. It’s the car that really caught our eye though.

Three years earlier, he was faced with the choice between buying a house or buying a magnificent metallic silver Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3. We’re guessing you can work out which way that decision went.

Resplendent with black leather and an eight-track player, the Benz was replaced a month after this picture was taken by another classic, a BMW 3.0 CSL, again in silver with the M Sport livery. Peter reckons the Beemer wasn’t a patch on the Benz which he still proclaims to be the best car he’s ever owned.