Neil Grayson Via Facebook

In Ones That Got Away a few issues ago, you guys were after an XC Falcon with a P6 front. Is this it?

It could be the same car.

It has the same roof and vents in quarters. Possibly repainted and new rego issued. Or maybe another car altogether?

ED: Wow. You’ve got a good memory there, Neil.

We had to trawl back a couple of years to dig this one up and Cliffy did indeed feature the ‘Ford LTD Hardtop’ and seemed pretty bemused by its existence, attributing it to some backyard enthusiast.

We’d heard that Ford planned to refresh the P5 series Landau with the frontal styling of the P6 LTD but this Frankenford never made it to production.

We’ve seen pics of a red car that lives in Adelaide but we’d love to know more from its owner.