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I am a comparatively recent Unique Cars magazine convert, and wonder what the unique cars of the future are? The cars of my past were on the whole not especially well built, often had poor suspension and brakes, but I guess for nostalgic reasons have survived. The present generation are usually well built and are safe and reliable, but I can’t see a Hyundai i30 or Mazda 3 making the cover of Unique Cars in 40 years time. So what cars will stir the nostalgia?

ED: Maybe, just maybe finding a Hyundai i30 at the back of a dusty garage in 2056 would yield a very cool retro ride. But a more certain tip? Toyota’s MR2.

A tidy example of any of the three generations could soon be a rare thing and they’re all a hoot to drive.

You certainly wouldn’t lose with a VF II Commodore SS-V Redline either.