Chris Laugher Via email

In the Reader’s Resto in Issue 384 (Genesis Page 121), you mentions that stylist, Tom Tjaarda also penned the futuristic Aston Martin Lagonda.

I believe the article refers to the AM V8 Lagonda S2, the wedge-shaped wonder with troublesome digital dash, and released/presented 12 October, 1976.

This vehicle was styled by Englishman William Towns, who also was responsible for bodywork of the earlier DBS and DBS V8 of 1967/1969.

By the way I am the proud owner (some 44 years) of a 1971 Holden HQ. It’s a multiple trophy winner, boasting 308 V8 auto, GTS steering wheel, quad headlights, 15X7 Rally II wheels, dual exhaust, and LSD. It’s a unique and nice driver!

ED: This Lagonda business is causing some controversy in the office. We’ve always held William Towns to be the designer of the car, but lists the Lagonda on its site. Eager to clear up this issue, we asked Tom himself and this was what he had to say. “I had only one involvement with Aston Martin and that was back when Victor Gauntlett was President and CEO. It was a design study and 1:4 scale model for a new Lagonda – the year was 1991 – the car was to be a two door 2+2 coupè. The project seemed to fade away and was never developed into a serious production car.”

So it seems Tjaarda does have a Lagonda design on his resume. No controversy over your HQ Holden though; it sounds beaut!