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Though fairly well-known in England, the early Humbers like these are rare in Australia and most people are surprised to see such an early car.

We bought it in Adelaide from an old fella who couldnít work on it any more because of arthritis. All the gears are on the right side just inside the door. We saw it advertised and grabbed it - that might be 10 years ago.

He found it in a chook yard and the fowls were roosting in it. It wasnít overdone Ė he did a very good job. It gets driven, so itís not concours.

Weíre not fans of cars that donít get driven or go everywhere on a trailer Ė we like to see them used the way theyíre supposed to be. All our cars (there are several) go and this one starts straight away.

Itís a very light car powered by a 1056cc four-cylinder and itís easy to drive. Itís a crash gearbox, so it crunches into first when itís cold but is fine once it warms up. You just have to be careful to match the engine revs.

Itís an easy car to maintain.

Our collection started with a 1955 MG Magnette which we bought in Bendigo. We went over there to look at a Model T Ford, but it wasnít what we expected and the little MG really stood out.

That was the start of it. They donít get sold Ė theyíre like pets!

We also have the old 1924 T1 Morris truck, with a 2.8 litre engine and self-starter.

It still runs and weíre just the second family to own it! The first really didnít want to sell but the gentleman who had it had suffered a stroke and relented on the proviso that he had visiting rights!

Weíve been tempted to restore it but the battle scars on the mudguards and repairs with old kerosene crates are part of its history so weíve left it for the time being.

Weíre involved in the Naracoorte Historic Vehicle Club (SA), which has around 120 members and some pretty good rooms in the centre of town. Itís very active with regular runs and several events during the year.

Club contact:

Call 13 46 46 for a quote or visit The value of a Humber 9/20?

Thatís entirely dependent on condition and provenance.



RICHARD COOK ITíS HAD A FEW MODS BUT THIS í65 SWB IS FIERCE AND FIT FOR PURPOSE This car goes by the name of Herbie the Hybrid and started life as a short wheelbase Series II. Itís probably passed through lots of hands over the years and a few people have made some big changes.

Somewhere around 1989 it got a shortened Range Rover chassis (down from 100 inches to 90) and fitted with a Holden engine Ė probably a Red motor. It was properly engineered and registered, but that wasnít to be the last of the changes.

Some time later Ė not sure when Ė it was fitted with the Range Rover 3.5l V8 engine, Nissan four-speed gearbox via a Dellow bellhousing and Land Rover Discovery power steering. It also had the Supa Trik (of Dandenong) CAMS approved roll cage fitted.

Clearly it was being set up for off road competition.

There have been some pretty serious people work on it over the years and itís been well-engineered. Thereís a twin battery set-up plus dual 100 litre fuel tanks, which may be just as well as the engine chews through the juice!

Itís a lot of fun to drive and listen to the V8. (Richard is a member of the Naracoorte Historic Vehicle Club.)

Call 13 46 46 for a quote or visit How do you put a value on this box oí bolts? Itís worth whatever value you see in it.



ANDREW RAPER TOURING SPIDER 2.0L: THE ALFA THAT ALWAYS CREATES A SPETTACOLO Iíve always loved Alfa Romeos, and particularly coach-built cars. Alfa Romeo had a very strong relationship with Touring and Zagato and I fell in love with this particular body style, which is the 2.0l Touring, and I made it my lifeís ambition to buy one! So I found this car nearly two years ago in Brescia in Northern Italy and it was just exactly what I wanted in terms of its colour and originality.

Itís got the original engine, all matching numbers and we donít think that itís ever been rebuilt and we think the car has only done 56,000km, so itís really quite rare in those terms and itís an absolute delight to drive. It sits on the road beautifully. Itís not fast, as with all old cars Ė I like to say Ė some are just less slow than others, but theyíre all slow! But itís a beautiful thing and I just adore it.

These are really quite advanced cars, itís got a five-speed gearbox and it just drives beautifully, nice big disc brakes and lovely Borrani wire wheels. I think the Borranis make all the difference on these particular cars and itís also in its original colour.

The plates on the car are the original Milan plates. Itís on club reg, but I swapped the plates over when I got here to give it that authenticity.

I use it as often as I can. It took a while when we brought the car out to get it right mechanically. So a lot of work has been done here to just get the car running perfectly.

Getting the carbies correctly tuned was a very difficult process, parts were very hard to find. But thatís half the fun of it! Thatís the challenge, I suppose, to get these unique cars and put all your attention and love into them. That and having to apply a vacuum cleaner to your bank account!

Today is the first time it has come to a show (Alfa Romeo ĎSpettacoloí display in Victoria) since itís arrived in Australia, so itís great to see the interest in the car. (Andrew is a member of the Alfa Romeo Club of Vic.)

Call 13 46 46 for a quote or visit Alfa built 3443 Touring Spiders and not many remain. Import prices kick off at around $100k.



ANDREW BEGELHOLE ITíS ONE OF THOSE RESTOS THAT SNEAKS UP ON YOU BY STEALTH This was a car that was never intended to be restored. Iíve been involved in doing up cars for many years, going back when I was a kid, and this was always meant to be a spare parts car.

It was pretty rough. To give you some idea, it had a piece of corrugated iron screwed in to cover the hole where the sunroof used to be! I already had a Light 15 Iíd done up but one day thought it would be nice to have something with a sunroof. So I advertised for the parts and unfortunately got a response! One thing led to another and next thing it was back to a bare shell and a full restoration. It took about four years.

The Achilles heel is the gearbox, which is a three-speed with synchro on second and third but not first. They can also go through drive shafts, but thatís less of a problem these days and the supply has improved over time.

Theyíre a good thing to drive with decent steering and brakes. Highway cruising isnít ideal. The engine is a 1911cc wet liner four and it manages about 90-95km/h. They did build a six, which was quicker. (Andrew is a member of the Naracoorte Historic Vehicle Club.)

Call 13 46 46 for a quote or visit Light 15s are lovely things but originality is key. Weíve seen tidy cars from $30k.



ANDREW BEGELHOLE Vulcan were better known for their commercial vehicles, but they did make cars up till 1928. This was acquired by my father in about 1985. It was bought as a running chassis and we did the bodywork as a rough job, thinking weíd go back and do it properly but we got involved in other cars and didnít get around to it. Itís been well-used and is not too bad to drive. It does about 38-40mph, until it sees a hill!



KEITH BEARD íS ITíS HAD A ROUGH LIFE BUT THIS CLUBMANíS NOW FIGHTING FIT It was a deceased estate car when I found it. Itís log booked as a 1977 but itís not registered as historic.

This was one of four built in WA; they run Datsun 1200 engines and gearbox with the engines bored out to be 1300cc. It has solid rear end and independent front suspension. It runs 8s and 10s in the wheels with Formula-3 type tyres. The original log book was lost but CAMS re-issued one so that it still has a genuine 1977 log book.

It runs beautifully, as with most of these cars. Weíve run it at Warwick and at Lakeside a few times, but my feet are too big for the Clubman. I had to put a block of wood on the brake pedals otherwise Iíd hit the brake and the accelerator together. That happened one time at Warwick,. I thought I could get my foot far enough on the side but, when I went to brake, I accelerated coming into a corner. That was exciting!

Call 13 46 46 for a quote or visit Clubman cars vary hugely in value depending on condition, source and history. Around $30k will get a decent one.