Energy Polarizer

SO WHAT was the original Energy Polarizer? In a statement from Brock, it was “a high-technology energy device which creates a ‘polarized’ or ‘ordered’ molecular arrangement as distinct from the normal ‘random’ structure. This alters the behaviour and characteristics of material and components in the vehicle.”

Except it did nothing of the kind. GM’s engineers cut one open and found four magnets wrapped in tinfoil and embedded in epoxy resin. There weren’t even the crystals that Brock’s wacky guru Eric Dowker, had espoused. What’s more GM could find no benefit to the polarizer.

Holden publicist Tim Pemberton, who had long been loyal to Brock, lost patience with him when the racer stated that he was going to devote more of his time to developing the device. “Look, Brock, if you want to play Gyro Gearloose, do it out at Eltham, not at Port Melbourne, because that will not hit the spot with GMH,” he was reported as saying.

In October 1986, Holden proposed a series of tests at their Lang-Lang proving ground. Brock and Dowker agreed, but after four days, the Polarizer had produced precisely zero effect. Brock blustered, and claimed that the requisite measuring equipment had yet to be invented. It was the beginning of the end. Shortly thereafter, Holden delivered an ultimatum, informing Brock that if he launched the Director, their longstanding collaboration was over. You know what happened next.