Tim Clifton

I enjoyed your article on the six Fords that you should buy now but I was curious as to why you included the most coveted RS Escorts.

I’m a big Escort fan but the cars you recommended (although highly desirable) were never sold in commercial numbers in Australia.

Mark 1 RS1600 - none imported to my knowledge Mark 1 RS2000 - 25 imported Mark 2 RS1800 - none imported to my knowledge Also the RS1600 and RS1800 are virtually impossible to buy in the UK let alone in Australia.

I would have thought you would have included the Mark 1 twin cam, Mark 1 GT1300, Mark 2 X Pack and Mark 2 RS2000.

These cars are rare enough now and at least there is some chance of buying one least there is some chance of of these models.

ED: Good point, well made, Tim.

RS2000s are decidedly thin on the ground although we’d stand by the fact that tracking one down is a worthwhile exercise and that values still don’t yet reflect what a special car it is. As Andy Enright mentioned in the article, he’s a fan of the Mk2 RS2000 you nominated, and you’ve probably seen Dave Morley’s example in Our Shed. Some of Cliff’s choices were unashamedly ‘specialist’ but it’s usually the special cars that have greatest propensity for appreciation. Glad you liked the article – it was a blast putting it together.