Eric Waples, Albion Park, NSW.

Regarding the compilations by Cliff Chambers/UC staff on the Fab Fords, Morley’s comment on the G6E-T, (“ hauls like there’s no tomorrow, etc.), rings true if a comment I overheard by one of NSW’s finest, (when describing a late night ‘job’ on the ‘Hume), was on the money.

Although the V8 GM product said person was driving at the time was described as the nicer daily driver, it had lacked top end kilowatts in this case, when chasing down a wayward Falcon ute. And the pursuer was wishing he had had the XR6-T.

ED: Two of the Unique Cars staffers run XR6 Turbos as their daily drivers, so there’s a lot of appreciation on the mag for a blown Barra.

Highway Patrol usually know their onions when it comes to the merits of a fast car and we’d say your friend was bang on the money.

Take a look at the latest XR8 and XR6T Sprint models and figure out the comparative power to weight ratios when on overboost. It’s an eye opener.