Peter Fraser

I bought an XW GT HO brand new in April 1970 and had 20 years of enjoyment driving around in it. In the early 70s I spotted an XW GT parked in the street near where I worked and began talking to the owner. He informed me that it originally belonged to his uncle who was a Ford executive and it had been delivered new with the 428 cubic inch motor, the same as was in Bill Bourkeís car. As I wasnít able to look under the bonnet I canít confirm if this was indeed true. Is there any record of this vehicle having existed? It was Silver Fox in colour.

ED: Thereís a lot of mystery surrounding the Bill Bourke-spec cars.

Rumour has it that thereís an automatic Ď71 XY GT HO Phase III. Sounds a bit unicorn to me. Still, Bourke was famous for ordering one-offs. That list includes a Russet Bronze XR GT, a Starlight Blue XT GT and his well-known XW GT 428ci.