Roy Bell, via Facebook

I know this might be a contentious point, but can I wouldn’t mind seeing less chrome-bumper stuff in the mag. I’m 40 this year – no spring chicken - so the ‘Golden Era’ cars have always been history to me. When I was eight year sold, the poster cars on my wall alongside Princess Leia in her gold bikini were the Lamborghini Countach and the Marlboro Brock VK Commodore. Okay,

so I’m not going to score any points for left-field originality there, but it’s nice to see some 80s and 90s cars making the cut in Unique Cars.

ED: Cat, meet pigeons. We like to think we’re responsive to our readers but as soon as we put a car from the decade of Donkey Kong, Dallas and Debbie Gibson on our cover, sales take a good kick in the spuds, an angry man with glasses appears from downstairs and we get put on the naughty step.

We’re playing the long game here and welcome feedback like this. Stick with us. We haven’t forgotten about you.