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BACK IN issue #385, youíll have seen our intro to the Ford Falcon FG G6E Turbo, and if you liked that, hereís a bit more depth on the car thatís sometimes dubbed Ďthe thinking personís muscle carí. Itís dubbed that by our Ed, Guy Allen, but heís a smart cookie so weíre not going to argue with him. The car we brought along to our shoot was the property of high-profile Ford tuner Rob Herrod and had been used as one of Herrod Motorsportís development cars, so it had been well exercised.

Nevertheless, everyone who drove it came away with how strong the blown Barra lump felt and how this low-key Falcon was a real sleeper.

Keen to learn a bit more about this underrated model, Guy took a trip down to Herrodís and gives Rob a good listening to on why he chose the G6E Turbo over an XR6 for himself and how the carís reliability and drivability has been perfect for staff training at Herrod Motorsport.


TURN TO page 66 of this very issue, ignore the red and blue cars and youíll spot a rather appealing Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R. Itís a car that has often been overshadowed by its Bathurst-winning predecessor, but if you can track down an honest example, it makes a really great buy.

We sent Andy Enright to Import Revolution to get the lowdown on Skyline importing as it stands today, because the market for these cars has changed rapidly in the last year or so, and will change again as Aussie import laws are relaxed.

He got to have a pedal in the car on the twisty roads of the Dandenongs before dispensing a few tips on what to look for when buying an R33 GT-R.

Back in the office, we found him surreptitiously checking the classifieds for what was on offer, adding that the Import Revolution car was ďtoo niceĒ. Thereís no hope for him.


SO YOU thought the market for decent Ford XW and XY models had gone so silly that it wasnít worth bothering with? Think again. There are still bargains to be had if you use your noggin and in issue #385, Cliff Chambers talked us through the best ways to land a tidy Fairmont V8.

It also makes one of the very best bases for a restoration project if you can find one that isnít too far gone.

Some of ythe Unique team have been trawling around for an underpriced GS-pack Fairmont wagon for a while but have yet to find one where the owner is sufficiently desperate to part with it for an insultingly risible sum.

In the video we have featured here, you get an opportunity to take a closer look at the stunning í69 XW Fairmont that featured in the Buyers Guide and listen to why owner Geoff Beare loves it so much.