GODZILLA! This is Godzilla Mk2. The car we all know as Godzilla Ė thanks to a comment in Wheels magazine, I think Ė was sold here in limited numbers so it could qualify for the racing under Group A rules and of course it was quite successful in the hands of racers Jim Richards and Mark Skaife back in the day. That was the R32 series car and this is the replacement. You donít have to be wealthy to own one of theseÖ but I reckon the problem would be getting one that hasnít been modified so much that itís life expectancy is measured in minutes.

Thankfully this one feels close to standard: The body feels tight and it doesnít feel like the boost has been wound up. I love six-cylinder engines and this is one of the best. Nissan had quite a sophisticated all-wheel drive system back in the day and this one has a gauge that lets you see a bit of drive being directed to the front axle. Itís quite clever. It also has fourwheel steer which takes a bit of getting used to for some people but gives the car added agility through corners. Itís quite a weighty car but you can hustle it through corners really quickly. It still seems a good deal more modern than its years would suggest!