ďMY FAMILY had a Mazda dealership in Tasmania when the MX-5 came along in 1989. It was the first sports car roadster to come along in a long time Ė in fact since the MGB almost 10 years before Ė so it created a lot of interest. . In fact, itís hard to believe the MX-5 is now more than 25 years old! This MX5 is a 2005 model so itís the third-gen car that has only been replaced by the new one. Anyhow, this is a two-litre with a six-speed and itís very refined and sophisticated. In fact, itís probably the best of the MX-5s for daily driving.

Itís as easy as a Mazda3 to drive Ė itís easy to drive and all the controls are nice and light and this one has leather and lots of modcons.

Itís quite a muscular looking thing Ė it looks like it should have a V8 in it! I reckon a little alloy-block V8 would be nice! But on a winding road it has terrific grip and poise. For bang for your buck, something like this is hard to beat Ė but I gotta say, it doesnít have the same classic feel of the earlier cars.