It's mine...



I MADE MY name in Formula 5000. When people judge that you are good and quick they come to you, which is what happened to me with Alan Hamilton. Even when this class was very strong years ago, it still would have been impossible to make a living, and very few people got a few dollars to drive, maybe I was the only one?

This M10B chassis is older than the ones I used to race and we are trying, still trying, to make it as good. With a F5000, itís power versus chassis and the ability of a F5000 chassis to cope with 550 horsepower is not that good. When these cars were designed the rubber wasnít that good so in order to put all the power to the road they had to use massive rear tyres to control wheelspin.

Also the weight and weight distribution of the car was more at the back and when weight distribution is not right these cars understeer and oversteer and the balance of the car changes continuously depending on what gear and what corner you are in. Sometimes the car doesnít feel that good but the stopwatch says you are going quicker so you put up with it.

Early on I dreamed of racing internationally but that wasnít possible. In Australia then F5000 was the maximum class and I was bought a F5000 but the cost of running it was too high so I didnít last ong. Then Alan got me on board and since then Iíve been driving his cars and other peopleís. I am 73 and retired these days and just here for fun. People keep asking me back. Alan loves to see his car running but he said to me: ďAlfie if you want to race, we race, if you donít, we stopĒ.

I am a competitor. If anyone is next to me and we play any form of sport I want to do better, whether it is golf or tennis. Racing drivers can all drive, and most think they are the best in the world, even myself years ago. I enjoy driving a racing car even by myself on the racetrack. I enjoy the adrenalin and being able to know after a test that I am still doing very good times, itís a nice feeling. You donít need anyone to put a few dollars in your pocket, you have been paid already by the satisfaction of driving.