1966 PORSCHE 906

It's mine...



THE 906 was the first of Porscheís tubular space-frame construction cars and was followed by the 908, 907, 910, 917 etc. It has a two-litre engine in the same spec as the 1967 911R, and the factory screwed about 240hp out of it.

It weighs about 580kg and is mid-engined, which makes it quite a different car to drive to other Porsches. It drives like my BT6 Brabham. The aerodynamics were designed by ĎButzií Porsche, who also designed the 911, and itís probably the prettiest car youíll ever see.

I think Porsche built 43 of them and they were very successful and finished 1-2-3 at the Targa Florio but they were very quickly outmoded as Porsche moved on to the 907s and 908s. This car was one of six delivered to dealer/race team Sonauto in France and was raced a lot in hillclimbs. It eventually ended up in the US in a private museum in New York state before it was bought by Warwick Miller from Sydney about 20 years ago. It was a bit tired and in a pale green colour and Warwick restored the car and repainted it in the French colours. I bought it about 14 years ago. This car is quite remarkable because it has its original engine and gearbox.

They have become very valuable and there might only be a dozen left running around now. I raced it quite a bit when I first got it and I run it most years in the historic demonstration at the Australian Grand Prix. Itís registered and I take it out on the roads when I can but itís not as much fun as it used to be. Ten years ago you could get up early on a Sunday morning and go for a blast until church finished at 11, but these days the roads are too busy.