John Cowie Yackandandah, VIC

Congratulations on a great issue (Fab Fords!). Iíd certainly take any of the six Fords you had for the main feature, although itís the least glamorous of the lot that has got me intrigued. The G6 E Turbo really does seem to be the forgotten performance sedan and, for a gentleman of my age, thereís a lot to be said for the pace of an XR6 Turbo with a slightly milder suspension tune. The roads around my way arenít in the best shape and I recently took a test drive in a Mercedes CLA 45 AMG which hopped, skipped and crashed its way over the bumpy blacktop in such a way that I had to stop for a pie and a coffee at the local bakery just to get my eyes to focus and my vertebrae realigned. It all made me a bit wistful at the thought that weíve turned our backs on Australian cars manufactured for Australian conditions.

Itís easy to say that evolution has found against the big sedan, but drive a Falcon or a Commodore for any length of time and they just seem to work. Perhaps it was a failure of marketing, in not being able to communicate that message to otherwise uninvolved buyers, I donít know. What I am certain of is that Iím now scanning the classifieds for a well looked after Falcon G6E Turbo. Keep up the good work.

ED: Thanks very much, John. We enjoyed writing the feature but as soon as we got all the cars together started wondering whether the G6E Turbo ooked a bit of an odd fish in that company. Youíre not the only reader whoís sung its praises in the past few weeks.