Chris Wotton, Via Facebook

In the ‘Best Buys’ article in Issue 386 it would have been better if you’d had a Mk 1 Mazda MX-5 and a R32 version of the Skyline GT-R along.

They’re the ones with the most relevance for Australian buyers.

ED: You’re spot on the mark there, Chris about relevance.

However, the ‘official’ Aussie R32 imports are very pricey and we reckoned the R33s represented the bargain buy of the Skyline range at the moment. Interesting things are happening with Skylines, as the R32s have recently become eligible to be imported to the US and R33s to Canada, so there’s suddenly a huge demand for tidy stock in Japan. As for the MX-5, now’s a good time to snap up NCs. If you love the Mk1 MX-5 we’ve got something for you in the Toybox section of this issue. Jump online for the accompanying video too.