Jim Rockingham, WA

Caught up with an old mate and fellow car nut and talk turned, thanks to the wonderful Lamborghini book brought along, to, well, Lamborghinis. Turns out that old mate had seen the ‘Twiggy’ Miura ‘down south’ in a winery in south west WA (along with other special cars). Unique Cars was mentioned and a nice little coincidence made.

As to appreciating Fords?

Look out for EB S-XR6 and S-XR8s. Drove a standard four litre EBII to Adelaide and back from Perth and wow, what a reliable and thrifty big car.

Not to mention performance.

I’ll just say a certain needle wound off a certain gauge out waaay out in the bush somewhere (for safety’s sake).

Standard car except for an EA intake airbox to throttle body hose (larger diameter). The ol’ girl used not one drop of oil, Adelaide to Perth. Top car.

Currently rocking a 1994 Volvo 850 T5 wagon with the 2.3lt 66kW motor ex-Joe Gutnick (yes, him) bought out of Geelong off a school teacher, with an ’88 E32 735i and E34 535i taking up (family) space, ready for mild restoration/modification.

ED: Good onya, Jim! We reckon that EB shape works really well with the S-XR styling pack. Might come good in the value charts too.