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PERAMBULATE your grubby mitts to page 52 of this very issue and you’ll see Dep Ed Andy Enright in need of a good haircut and wishing he’d brought a hat to his Mazda MX-5 twin test. Pitting old against new, while trying to persuade the video crew to edit out incriminating on-road drift shots, Enright and junior sidekick Spencer Leech pedal an original NA model and the latest 1.5-litre ND version, comparing, contrasting and confabulating.

A heavy pre-event favourite, the ND put up a very strong showing, but the end result is a closer run thing than you might imagine. The old stager put up a solid showing, helped a little by a few choice upgrades to stave off the march of time. Which would you go for?

The original or the 21st Century reinterpretation? Check the video and let us know your opinion.


THESE DAYS we tend to take reliable convertible roofs for granted. No longer does a folding hard top cause pedestrians to walk slack-jawed into pavement furniture. Unless you’ve got a ’62 Thunderbird Sports Roadster that is. You’ll need to watch the video to appreciate quite what a bizarre collection of motors, spinning screw threads and cables goes into operating the roof mechanism on one of these cars and you’ll also form a pretty good idea of why they hardly ever work as advertised.

The progress is stately, if somewhat balletic, with the first action being the raising of a rear deck cover so big Tom Cruise could probably land an F-14 on it. Owner Terry Black from Melbourne loves it. “My first aspiration was a 1950s pre-fins Cadillac. I knew a bloke who had that and a 1962 T-bird and he said the Cadillacs drive poorly while the Thunderbirds drive like a modern car. It’s a beautiful car to drive, it’s easy.” Good onya, Tel.


JUMP ONLINE and point your browser at our gallery of Chryslers on the Murray. Don’t worry, this mag will still be here when you get back.

Once again, it’s that time of the year when the Murray River becomes a Mopar magnet, drawing enthusiasts from all over the country for what claims to be the largest Chrysler car show on this hemisphere. There’s some legs in that claim too, with the 24th annual event seeing a record-breaking 737 cars (including no fewer than 210 Chargers) and 65 swap meet vendors heading to Albury/Wodonga to sha re their passion and show-off their beloved rides.

We’ve got a 60-pic gallery to peruse. See if you can spot your car and if not, just wallow in a cornucopia of Chryslers.

Unfortunately there are no Miss Chrysler on the Murray shots as the competition was canned for this year. Political correctness gone mad?