I was expecting plenty of issues with the car, because itís a Cossie, but other than trying to chase down a little misfire under high boost, itís been pretty good.

One of the things I really love is seeing the centre support for the rear wing in the rear view mirror. That just screams Cossie, and having grown up worshipping the Sierras back in the day thatís just one of the greatest things. I really love the wing.

It has been on the track.

Its official unveiling was at Lakeside when SEQ Euro Fast Ford had a ĎHappy Lapsí session in mid-June. It was wet that day, which doesnít help.

I know itís AWD but I was not prepared to put it in a fence on the first drive.

I do find that a lot of people nearly fall over themselves when they see it. One day I was driving through town and I had a bloke in a Celica GT-Four pull up alongside and we had a chat. Itís kind of cool to have something thatís appreciated.

Iíll put it on the dyno when all the mechanical work is finished.

I thought having the big turbo would annoy me, but itís actually quite an occasion waiting for it to spool up.

I donít intend to stray far from originality. I guess the reliability issues come up when you start to push lots of horses through it. Apparently you can safely get these to 300 horses though, so if I do that then thatís pretty much the same as a Focus RS I used to have.

In the past Iíve had a Fiesta XR4, the Focus RS, a Focus ST170, and a Fiesta ST. This is the 5th Euro fast Ford, so thereís a little bit of a theme going there.

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